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Are you tired of having itchy scalp and dull hair?
-Book your first appointment and feel the difference and smile.
Have you tried so many shampoos and oils etc. in the past  but still can't find your favorites or not sure your current self-care regimen is right for you?
When was a last time you had a  peaceful  day and restful night without feeling sluggish in the morning?
-We will lead you into calmness to have the true meaning of rest. Book and take a nap.
-We help you to find perfect clean, non-toxic, high-quality products from our online store to match your needs and budget! Feel free to message me. (E-mail only)
Or book a Head spa and learn self-care One-on-one lesson at Masa Kanai salon.

To book Head spa treatment

please call or email to Masa Kanai salon


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