I am so happy I decided to treat myself to Ritsuko’s “Detox Basic Head Spa” treatment right before my usual haircut! This woman has “magic hands”! She applied just the right amount of pressure and gave me the most amazing head/scalp massage, which put me in such a state of utter relaxation. My scalp feels completely invigorated and refreshed, she literally cleaned out my hair follicles of all the leftover leave-in conditioners and styling products etc. that shampoo doesn’t quite get out. I left with what felt like a super clean and healthy scalp and my hair even looks shinier. 

 ⎯⎯  Ari ⎯⎯



The head spa experience from Ritsuko was so relaxing and wonderful. She started with a steam massage in the chair, which really took out all the knots in my scalp and relaxed my shoulders. The sink portion of it was just as nice and I loved the smell of the products she used. After the experience my head felt lighter, and my face even looked more refreshed. The service was just the right amount of time, not to long and too short. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

⎯⎯ Julie ⎯⎯

I have been going to see Ritsuko for a few years now.I always have an amazing experience there. Ritsuko, she is one of the best hairdressers I met and her head spa treatment is outstanding you will feel like you had a body and mind massage, I have a dry scalp after my treatment every time, I  feel refreshed and my scalp is much better now with this treatment. I recommend everyone to try this treatment it's the best!    

 ⎯⎯ Noura ⎯⎯

The restorative head spa treatment was an experience like no other, it feels a lot like deep meditation with extra perks... those perks include reiki which makes a profound connection with energy from Ritsuko's hands and my head. I immediately noticed the feeling of comfort and refreshing of my scalp this is something I will be doing more of in the future.            

⎯⎯ Victor ⎯⎯

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