About /Me  

 Ritsuko Kitamura-Borges is a holistic hair care specialist

 that aims to bring out your true beauty by infusing the salon experience with relaxation and an element of zen. Her hair and scalp treatments are designed to restore your hair and scalp hair while allowing you to reconnect with yourself and indulge in some self-care.


 Her treatments focus on your hair and scalp but offer services that promote balance and harmony for your entire body. Our treatments are designed to heal, renew and restore while leaving you feeling relaxed and inspired.


Natural + Sustainable

She hand-picked products that are sustainable, non-toxic, and natural because we want to support a conscious and mindful approach to life. We are committed to using cruelty-free products and some even include herbs and essential oils that will lift your mood during the Head Spa experience.


Mindful Beauty 


She believe every woman should feel beautiful inside and out. We know that the external factors & stress can sometimes make us forget and we are devoted to providing our clients with experiences that will help them detox, unwind, and reconnect with their inner self.





Originally developed in Japan, Head Spa is a head massage technique influenced by Indian Ayurveda.

This service includes a scalp cleansing, washing,a relaxing head massage, and a scalp&hair conditioning.




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