Ritsuko Kitamura-Borges

Spa Director at Masa Kanai Salon・Master Head Spa therapist・Head Spa Educator to Takara Belmont US

Ritsuko Borges is an NYC-based Holistic Hairstylist . She is originally from Kanagawa, Japan and living in NYC since 2012. 


Ritsuko is a seasoned cosmetologist with 24 years of experience in the hair industry and she has been developed her holistic method of Head Spa treatment since 2002 after having a more traditional approach to hairstyling. She realized she wanted to move away from harsh chemicals and processes and wanted to commit an integrative hair care method rooted in relaxation and healing not only about hair but for the entire body and mind health. Through the Head Spa at Masa Kanai, she creates a salon experience that taps into a Zen-like moment where customers can escape from a busy stressful life. All treatments include Mindful gestures and handpicked personalized products that will suit individual hair and scalp needs with LOVE. Ritsuko values adventure and connecting with like-minded people to sharing good vibes and joy.



Ritsuko not only offers a variety of Head Spa services to her private clientele but also instructs, collaborates and does idea consultation in regards to Head Spa methods with a myriad of different beauty relates ventures.



She enjoys creating balance in harmony at home and work. When Ritsuko is a proud mompreneur and when she is not working you can find her in Inwood, her neighborhood of residence, playing with her daughter Jewelle. 




Ritsuko holds the following qualifications;
•Japan National certified cosmetology license
•NY state cosmetologist license
•Member of Japan Head Spa Association(JHSA) 
•Reiki master
・doTERRA Wellness advocate
・Aromatouch Technique® Certified 



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